Comparison between LED Panel Light and Fluorescent Tube

LED Panel lights and fluorescent lights, both of these are the best lights when it comes to commercial use. We can see some offices having LEDs, some having tubes and some of them are having both. Most of the offices have replaced their fluorescent tubes with LED panels as they are brighter and they occupy very less space. In the end, it depends on your application and requirement as people judge products on the basis of their requirement. Here are some factors on the basis of which we have compared both of the lights.

The Making: LED Panel Light vs. Fluorescent Tube

  • Fluorescent Lights

These lights are created of a long glass and they have metal fittings on the sides through which the electric current passes into them. Talking about the interior part of these tubes, they have a small amount of magnesium and an inert. This part is covered with phosphorus powder and when the current passes by, it ignites the magnesium in the tube. They create light in the form of energy which cannot be seen by human eyes. UV rays then hit the phosphorous covering and it begins to radiate which in result produces light.


  • LED Panel Lights

These lights do not contain any inert gas in them. The LED lights are made up of a substance which is called a semi-conductor. Semi-conductor is solid in nature and this gives LED Panels a little more durability. When the electric current passes through semiconductor surface, electrons which are present in the semi-conductor begin to shake which in result releases energy in the form of visible light.


The Final Comparison: LED Panel Light vs. Fluorescent Tube

Now that you know how these two most used lights are made, it is time that we should compare them as we can now discuss them more vividly. Starting from the prices, LED panel lights are more expensive as compared to the tubes as they require more material in making. If we talk about maintenance, then LED panel lights win this one. It is because of their long life warranty, they do not need any maintenance. Fluorescent tubes are very noisy and they make crick noise. Talking on the basis of colors, fluorescent lights only provide two colors whereas when we talk about LED Panels, they provide you a wide range of colors which makes them very attractive and a big challenge in the market.

Fluorescent lights have mercury inside them which means they are not environment-friendly. If the question is which one is more instant, then LED panel lights to win this game as they turn on as soon as you press the switch. On the other hand, fluorescent lights take a little time before turning on.

LEDs are better when we talk about energy consumption as they consume less energy as compared to fluorescent lights. If we come to durability, LEDs take the lead as they are more durable as compared to the tubes. In the end, we would talk about heat and LEDs win here too as they emit very less heat as compared to fluorescent tubes.

So, there you go; decide which one is the best and what is your choice now.

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