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    Happy Valley Happy Trip

    On Saturday morning 9th Aug, 2104, with the sunny weather and blue sky, the staff in Shenzhen LOEVET Lighting came to the Shenzhen Happy Valley with a good mood.As fewer cars in the morning, two buses with only half an hour to reach the Happy Valley smoothly. Shenzhen Happy Valley is a new generation and large-scale theme park of the Overseas Chinese Town Group, the first national AAAAA level scenic spots, covers an area of 350,000 square meters, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, is a financial participation, watch, entertainment, fun to one of China's modern theme park.
    Upon arriving at The Happy Valley, we take a photo at first.

    Because it is group bookings, so we queued to get into the park smooth.After entering the door, everyone introduces the fun project and security matters that should be noted to each other, after a brief exchange, everyone went straight to play the long-awaited project with the small groups.
    We first line up to play Snow Dragon, we are facing in the sun for half an hour before discharged team, but fortunately, the effort pays off, we were the first to play Snow Dragon. "Snow Dragon" Chinese first suspended roller coaster, a taste of the Red Dragon wars adventure, experience the thrill of justice over evil pain, 360 degrees upside down style, I just feel the whole head shaking, understand what is courage at that time.
    Then we come to the Wild-water, it is the world's highest drop "which let us experienced from 26 meters high speeding and under very slow to start up, when suddenly hurtling down from a height, feeling heart also followed the fall down, what water waves rushed in, but fortunately the water wearing clothes, and wet body, and in hot weather, everyone rushed from heights are very excited about the water.

    It is time for lunch, we are get hungry,so we have a meal near the lake, and have a rest.
    After having a break, we come to the “Haunted”, which makes several female colleagues scared. Only five of us queued up, surprisingly, some of our colleagues are waiting for the line already, we said hello to each other. Finally our turn comes into play, and dozens of dark house various ghosts claws, a series of comic ghost story happened, truly feel into the palace of hell, much more attractive than the stimulus on TV, but a real person to play.
    Then we meet several colleagues who have played Magic Castle's "big hat" "UFO" "discoverer" of these projects also stimulate the light that several projects to drink two bottles of water per person, haha.

    To be honest, all of us feel exhausted, so we are determined to watch the 4D movie, enjoy the happy time.

    When we came out from the theatre, we entered into The Maya Water Park.Because of so many people at night, we did not play any water stimulus projects, we have to swim, play all the time. But most of the time to the skin Hey, interactive carnival splashing water, large water performances "samba", "belly dance" to see them all ...... About 21:00, we come back to home with the thrilled mood.
    The day is full of laughter, lively atmosphere and happiness.But more it is the variety of the harvest, and created a youthful, vibrant atmosphere.The purpose of this trip is not only to let everyone relaxed, but also to reflect the company's employee care, so that we can have the joy of body and mind into a pleasant working and living , come on!

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