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    Enjoy the happiness

    Last Saturday ,Loevet lighting organized an activity of playing badminton .All the staff come together in the Longhua Junhao gymnasium.
    At here ,there was no boss or staff. They  are  just athlete,wearing the same gym suit ,fighting for the same goal .Professional bag  was  thrown away .They only do one thing that is playing badminton ,just like Loevet Lighting devoted themself in led panel light.
    To our surprise ,some girls are like professional athlete ,Vigorous figure, flexible action, beautiful smashes are all belong to them.they competed with boys ,even though they are not strong enough  .They don’t afraid of failure.Maybe Loevet sprit encourage all of us .Just do it ,Don’t afraid of failure.
    And there is also a episode,It is the first time for a girl to play badminton .She dose not know how to catch the shuttlecock.But she try it again and again .we applauded for her spirit of sport.
    At last ,i think the most important thing is that Loevet Lighiting gave  us this chance to relax. easy mood accompany with us .come on ,join us !just do what you want to do !

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