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    Title: Zhuhai two-day trip ---- Fantasy Water

    6:13 July 13 2013,I got up early,but I did not not the reason, it might be the trip would be started that day.When I looking at the cloud,I was so happy.  The first station is Zhuhai Dreamlike Water castle,We start to our trip with nice hope. Midway,the driver had the car go wrong,so it waste our one hour,but it never affect our happiness.We arrived the hotel and had a lunch in a harry and we rushed to the castle right away.We had took along the logo“Shenzhen Loevet lighting co.,LIMITED”with us.Maybe we afraid that nobody will know us were having a trip in a company--“LOEVET”.Also we were wearing the uniform with the “LOEVET”logo.乐为特照明有限公司-珠海二日游
    Zhuhai large-scale scene type water park "Dream City" is located in the zhuhai jiuzhou street, and south China's largest imperial garden - Near to the New Yuanming Palace , covers an area of 60000 square meters, the initial investment of 80 billion yuan, a total of 10 major areas, more than 20 kinds of recreational facilities, in world civilization with ancient Egypt as the background of the construction of the theme park, opened in July 1999
    .Maybe there is occupational disease, When we arrived the “Dream City”,some of our college said “this part also can used our products like LED panel lights”.Square LED Panel Light can be used in here,Round LED Panel Light can used in there,Rectangular LED Panel Light will suitable for the gate.Circular LED Down light can suspend in the washing room,LED Ultra-Thin Ceiling Panel Lights for the store.In this way ,this park may saved a lots of money in a year.How dedicated staff!If our boss can listen about it ,he will be very happy about that.After that somebody changed into a bathing suit, and some people rented a floating circle, some people wear sportswear, more someone wearing uniform directly 。 I'm thinking, whether they are going to do? Jump down go to the "pool" testing the waters, just know that water so shallow, just to the stomach? There is a "bridge", jump up, is always the center of gravity be unsteady to made us overboard. Ear whistle MCE suddenly,actually is from the shore that administrators asked  us be ashore, because it was prepared for the children, no wonder so shallow .So  we hurriedly out of water to escape from here. Closed and opened two choices; which courage is bigger, can go to play a parallel slide 14 meters high. It is on a special mat, head before the foot when plunging, four road, can race each other, regret is too late, all we could just screaming, can frighten to kill a few cows.乐为特照明有限公司-LED面板灯厂家-珠海二日游-景点乐为特照明有限公司-LED面板灯厂家-珠海二日游-景点   With many colleagues also down to the big pool playing with water, a war is beginning... Our group of people being thrown eyesight whiting,  how can lose so miserably.To take a glance at , some  friends also joined their camp, yelling unfair, so in bawl and roared over our dream trip...

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