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    Arbor Day

    Planting Trees Day comes on March 12 every year. Do you know what can we do to help on the day?

    In China, Planting Trees Day is on March 12. This special day began in 1979. On that day, people can plant many trees. And if we plant trees more, we must also take care of the trees by watering them until they grow up to be strong. In different countries, Planting Trees Days are on different days. Like in India, Planting Trees Day is on July 1.
    Why do the people plant trees? It is very easy. Because they want to protect the environment. There are many people who want to earn the money form only cutting down trees. So more and more trees are cut by them. But kind people want to protect the environment and make the air clean. So they plant trees as many as they can.
    All these actions show that people should pay more attention to the environment. We want to make it better, don’t we? So we must plant more trees to protect the environment.

    So, everyone, if you want to make the air clean, please try your best to protect the environment and plant more trees.

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